Are you worried because your child:

  • Is having trouble keeping up with schoolwork?
  • Is having trouble with returning to school or other activities?
  • Does not want to go to school or having difficulties getting ready in the morning?

For you and your child, it can be a challenge to deal with the injury or illness and also keep up with schoolwork. Returning to school may raise concerns, or if your child is not able to return to school, keeping him/her up to date can be stressful.  If schoolwork concerns or your child’s feelings and reactions are getting in the way of him/her returning to school, ask the school about a more thorough evaluation with the school counselor or school psychologist.

What can you do about your schoolwork concerns?

  • Ask hospital staff about schoolwork support.

If your child will be in the hospital for more than a few days, ask if they have programs to help children keep up in their schoolwork. Your hospital may have programs to help children keep up with schoolwork. Also make sure to contact your child’s school. Ask your child’s school about schoolwork at home or in the hospital, and how to arrange needed support for returning to school (an individual education plan for your child).

  • Contact your child’s school.

After an injury, illness diagnosis or hospital stay that occurs during the school year, it’s a good idea to talk with your child’s school (teachers, school nurse, and/or principal) to let them know what happened. Ask about getting schoolwork to do at home or in the hospital and ask them to make a plan with you to help your child manage schoolwork during his/her recovery. Work with them to arrange support your child may need for returning to school (for example, help with any physical or learning limitations your child may have and pain management/medications). Ask the school to be in touch with you about how your child is adjusting when back at school.

  • Work with your child and the school counselor to make the return to school easier

Work with your child to prepare answers for the questions classmates might ask about his/her illness or injury. If you have schoolwork concerns or concerns about how your child’s feelings and reactions are affecting his/her schoolwork, get in touch with the school and ask for their assistance. For your elementary school child, talk with your child’s teacher or counselor about how to help and make a plan to stay in touch regularly. Help your older child or teen identify a person who they can go to with any concerns (this might be a counselor, teacher or coach). Listen to one mom talk about the benefits of having your children talk to other professionals:

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