Paramedics, EMTs, and other pre-hospital providers - we need your opinions! Please consider participating in an international survey of pre-hospital providers.  

Traumatic stress in injured children and their families is seen as an area of importance in emergency care. Recently, a best-practice set of guidelines was developed for early to mid-term responses to traumatic events (e.g. serious injury). The development of these guidelines allows for evidence-informed responses to traumatic stress from health workers and first responders.

This survey aims to support you in your work with children and their families following serious injury. This included your knowledge of traumatic stress in injured children and their families, how confident you feel working with them and your learning preferences. Also, the survey assesses practitioner health and support in regards to traumatic stress. Even if you do not have any training wishes or if you feel the topic is not of interest, the survey developers would like to hear from you to make sure every opinion is heard.

About the survey:

  • usually takes less than 10 minutes
  • all responses remain anonymous
  • approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of Monash University, Australia 
  • participants can opt to participate in a drawing to win a $20 voucher
  • a short summary of survey findings will be made available online

Please consider participating in this survey or sharing the survey link with any paramedics, EMTs or pre-hospital providers you may know!