Everyday, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers encounter patients and situations which test their emotional strength. Trying situations don't discriminate to a particular hospital floor or department, healthcare provider, or time of day. From the emergency room, to oncology, to labor and delivery and everywhere in between, doctors and nurses never know what type of situation will occur during the course of their shift. But inevitably, at some point they will need to deliver news that will drastically shift the patient's (and their family's) life and their sense of normalcy. Or these doctors and nurses may walk into a trauma situation where a good outcome might not be possible. Regardless of the source, if healthcare providers do not actively take steps for self care, these everyday situations may lead to burnout.

Becoming aware of their emotional reactions, connecting with other coworkers, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are just a few tips for self care. What self care tips do you have for other healthcare providers?