Life as a caregiver for a ill or injuried family member provides both rewards and challenges.  A few of the positive aspects of caregiving include knowing a family member receives good care and the opportunity to experience personal growth. Despite the positive aspects, caregiving can take a toll on a person's physical and emotional wellbeing.  The Caregiver Briefcase, created by the APA taskforce, acknowledges both the positive and negative sides of caregiving and provides healthcare workers a useful resource to help caregivers cope. Information included in the Caregiver Briefcase includes:

  • How caregiving affects all of us.
  • Facts about family caregiving.
  • Common caregiving problems.
  • How to identify and reach caregivers.
  • Roles psychologists have in working with family caregivers.
  • Assessment tools and effective interventions.
  • Conducting caregiver research.
  • Educating and teaching about caregiving.
  • Advocating for family caregivers.
  • Resources for diverse populations and age groups.

How do your patients' caregivers cope with their role?