When you notice one of your pediatric patients seems upset, worried or fearful, what do you do? How do you help them adjust and cope with a hospital stay? How do you support their families, especially their parents/caregivers?


As a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider, you have the opportunity and skills to support pediatric patients and their families physical and emotional recovery during their hospital stay. Fortunately, the vast majority of your patients will very well be distressed but are also resilient. Many will simply need information, comfort, and support in mobilizing their own resources.


To help these patients and families cope more effectively with their hospital stay, provide them with one of the following workbooks, available in English and Spanish:

- Hospital Hero: A Story All About Your Stay  ( ¡Héroe Del Hospital! Una historia sobre tu hospitalización )

Caregiver's Guide:Taking Care of Yourself While Your Child is in the Hospital ( Guía Para Cuidadores: Cómo cuidarse mientras su hijo está en el hospital )


These two workbooks contain activities and worksheets to help them communicate more effectively with you and your coworkers and cope better with their own feelings and reactions. While these workbooks will help the majority of children and families cope with a hospital stay, some families will need additional support from a mental health professional. Make sure to screen all your patients and families for traumatic stress reactions and know when and how to refer them for additional help.  


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