Did you know up to 80% of your ill or injured pediatric patients experience traumatic stress reactions?  These traumatic stress reaction include symptoms such as re-experiencing, avoidance, and hyper-arousal and they interfere with a child's recovery. 


As a doctor or nurse, providing medical care through a trauma informed lens helps to minimize the traumatic aspects of hospital and provides a framework to assess  how the child (and family) is coping. What happens when you discover a child isn't coping well and seems to be experiencing traumatic stress reactions? Do you request social work or child life? What if there was an online game you could suggest that your patient play that could reduce these traumatic stress symptoms?

coping coach trauma informed intervention web game



That's exactly what researchers set out to accomplish when they created Coping Coach, a web based intervention to help children recovery emotionally from traumatic events. Initial research on Coping Coach showed promising effects of the game on children's ability to cope and the latest research confirmed the game's feasibility. Join us on Facebook to discuss how you help children and families who show difficulties coping with an injury or illness and whether or not you'd recommend a game like Coping Coach.