Are you looking for patient education handouts? Look no further than the over 30+ handouts and workbooks created by the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress! Providing useful and timely information to your patients and their families is key to trauma-informed pediatric health care.

Each handout contains evidence-based tips for helping children, teens, and their parents cope with illness, injury, hospitalization, and more. The majority of these handouts are appropriate for use in hospital, rehab, and primary care settings and all are also available in Spanish.

The parent focused handouts provide information and tips for parents to help their children cope with a variety of traumatic stress issues, including hospitalization, serious illness, injury, and discharge / returning home, as well as to help themselves cope. The child and teen handouts contain stories and activities designed especially to help children and teens cope with injury and pain, dealing with traumatic stress reminders, looking and feeling different, and adjusting after returning home.