Tools You Can use

When you take a patient's medical history, what questions do you ask? How do you interpret your patient's answers? Taking a comprehensive and accurate medical history requires artful skill at asking questions and listening...

What do mental health professionals need to know about pediatric medical traumatic stress? How can mental health professionals improve their collaboration with medical providers around pediatric medical traumatic stress? What resources and tools are available for professionals working with children and families who have experienced pediatric medical traumatic stress? 

When you're a parent of an ill or injured child, there's no end to the questions or concerns that run through your head.

How can healthcare professionals identify psychosocial risk of children (and their family) who have been diagnosed with an illness? One evidence-based approach: Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT).

When you notice one of your pediatric patients seems upset, worried or fearful, what do you do? How do you help them adjust and cope with a hospital stay? How do you support their families, especially their parents/caregivers?