Tools You Can use

When you deliver a diagnosis of a new disease or condition, your pediatric patient and their family will likely go through a wide range of emotions. The majority will find healthy ways to cope with what may be a "new normal".

It's difficult for any parent to go through a medical trauma with their family. It's not uncommon for parents to feel alone or isolated from their family and friends.

Even though children are the main focus in pediatric care, sometimes parents require extra support and care during their child's hospital stay. This is normal. Dealing with a sudden medical event and taking care of their child can be a difficult.

Most children cope well with hospital stays and interactions with medical care settings, though some children may experience traumatic stress reactions.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an online educational module designed to teach first responders ways to reduce initial distress, and to foster short and long-term adaptive functioning in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.