Tools You Can use

In a very timely post, new on the Center for Injury Research and Prevention’s Research in Action blog is an article about helping children cope with traumatic events in the news.

Sometimes, perhaps more often than not, you find your pediatric patient better able to cope with their medical issue than their parents.

We often turn to parents to tell us how their child is faring emotionally. Parents are experts on their child, and are a great source of information about changes in a child’s usual behaviors.

Colleagues in the Netherlands have adapted the DEF tools in Dutch and created a comprehensive set of resources for children, parents, and professionals. In the Dutch adaptation, “Draagkracht, Emotionele steun, Familie” (DEF) is Capacity, Emotional Support, Family.

Maria is a 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized after being diagnosed with a serious illness. Although Maria is recovering physically, she is reluctant to go back to school and doesn’t want to be with her friends.