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Although they won't always express it openly, teens may have trouble coping while in the hospital for an illness or injury. Developmentally, adolescents react to stress and anxiety in a variety of ways:

Nurses, doctors, and hospitals across the country constantly strive to maintain and improve the quality of their family centered care. The neuroscience ICU at Yale-New Haven Hospital implemented the use of the Family Satisfaction-Intensive Care Unit (FS-ICU) with their patients and families whose length of stay exceeded 3 days as a way to improve their quality of care. In a webinar hosted by the Society of Critical Care Medicine...

Do children in the child welfare system experience medical treatment in the same ways that children in the general population do? To some degree, yes, they do.  

Up to 80% of ill and injured children and their families experience some traumatic stress reactions following life-threatening illness, injury or painful medical procedures. Not only children are affected - 20-30% of parents experience persistent traumatic stress reactions. Many things about being in the hospital and having an ill or injured child can be traumatic for parents.