Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, with sponsorship from Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation, launched  First Steps Towards Healing, a webinar series about childhood cancer. Geared towards children with cancer, their siblings and parents, this webinar series will cover post-traumatic stress disorder, coping, siblings, community resources, medical late effects as well as other topics.

So far, four webinars are  available:

  • Dealing With the Challenges of Childhood Cancer and Treatment: discusses coping strategies for families facing childhood cancer.
  • Resources for Families Affected by Childhood Cancer: shares the resources available to families facing a cancer diagnosis.
  • The Sibling Experience: discusses the experience of siblings of a childhood cancer patient, including post-traumatic stress symptoms in siblings, and coping strategies that parents can use to reduce these symptoms in their healthy children.
  • PTSD and Post-traumatic Growth After Childhood Cancer: explains the ways childhood cancer affects the child, parents and siblings, focusing on the experience of post-traumatic stress symptoms and post-traumatic growth.