As much as doctors and nurses can guide children and families through the process of coping with an injury or illness, hearing the stories of other families can help tremendously. Knowing that they're not alone in experiencing emotional difficulties can provide comfort or even help a family realize they may need additional professional support.  

Two mothers, Darlene and Kathy, share their stories of the emotional trauma experienced when their children fought very different medical battles. For Darlene, a mother of a pediatric cancer survivor, her family experienced trauma not only with her daughter's diagnosis and treatment, but also when she went off treatment and moved forward with their lives. Kathy' story begins with being told that her son would not live through the night and she shares how this impacted the whole family, especially her daughters' lives. With remarkable candor, they share stories of their family's ups and downs and how they coped, hoping other families going through the same experience may also find hope and strength from their example, and know they are not alone.