Hospitals are always looking for ways to increase their patient satisfaction scores. New studies show patient satisfaction is directly related to family centered care.  Patient satisfaction scores reflect a healthcare provider’s ability to relate to the patient, make eye contact, ask compassionate questions and respond with empathy. Patients expect their health care team to work to form a relationship with them and to be included in their own care.  Satisfaction scores show a correlation between a nurse’s ability to form a relationship with the patient and the patient’s perception of competence and ability in the nurse.  Hospitals can improve their patient satisfaction scores in a variety of ways including shifting hospital culture to emphasize family centered care, staff training in trauma-informed care and patient-relationship building, and involving the patient and their family in their own care as well as on advisory boards.  


It’s important for the healthcare team to address all aspects of a patient’s healing in order to form these relationships and promote optimal healing.  What ways to do you work to form relationships with and include your patients and their families in their care?