A family's fears and worries over their sick loved one can actually effect the patient's recovery, according to new research in the Journal of Neurosurgery. While the research subjects were adults who suffered a stroke and their family members, this study highlights the importance and impact of the emotional well-being of the a patient's caregiver(s). The degree to which family members feared a second stroke would occur negatively impacted the patient's recovery and quality of life. Patient's with more anxious caregivers scored lower on the health related quality of life measures of work/daily activities, social and physical activities, and general health as measured on the Short Form Health Survey. Researchers suggest that the desire to keep their loved one away from harm, like a second stroke, could be a possible explanation for the findings. Although children were not part of the study population, the need to support family members during a medical crisis, as emphasized by this research, becomes very important as they will play an integral role during a child's recovery.

How does your hospital help family members cope with their loved one's illness or injury?
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