F: Remember the Family

In a recent "Healthy Kids" column published at Philly.com, Dr Flaura Winston, pediatrician and injury researcher from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, helps parents understand how their child may respond in the days and weeks after an injury. She advises parents to take into account that their child might have new fears and worries, and that parents can help by "being a haven" where kids can feel safe.

Hospitals are always looking for ways to increase their patient satisfaction scores. New studies show patient satisfaction is directly related to family centered care.  Patient satisfaction scores reflect a healthcare provider’s ability to relate to the patient, make eye contact, ask compassionate questions and respond with empathy.

Learning of a cancer diagnosis never comes easy, no matter what your age. The difficulties that surround the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery come at no surprise, and each family you care for will cope in their own unique ways.

Plain and simple: hospitals are a scary place, no matter your age. For both children and parents, hospitals can be traumatic for a variety of reasons, such as:

A family's fears and worries over their sick loved one can actually effect the patient's recovery ...