To hear a doctor say “it’s cancer” makes your heart sink. As if the floor was pulled out from under your feet. When a child has cancer (or any serious illness), the whole family is affected.


Children with cancer and their families are resilient. They stand up and fight. They’re courageous. They’re #TrulyBrave


But sometimes brave needs help.  When a child has cancer or another serious illness, sometimes the procedures, emotions and changes to day-to-day life can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the whole family can feel upset. Kids, teens and parents may feel stressed about different parts of the experience. has research-based resources, created by experts, to help children and families cope:


Cellie Coping Kit

A unique stuffed toy, created to help children with cancer and their families better handle the multitude of stresses they face. The kit includes a set of cards with coping tips and a guide for parents.

Hospital Hero Workbook

In this workbook, the child becomes the hero of their own story, writing, drawing, and collecting autographs from the people caring for them.


Quick and easy-to-use tip sheets for children, teens, and parents - designed to help everyone cope with hospitalization, serious illness, injury, and discharge / returning home. Child and teen handouts have stories and activities designed especially to help them cope with injury and pain, dealing with reminders, looking and feeling different, and adjusting after returning home. (English/Spanish)

Helping My Family Cope (Spanish)

Dealing With My Life Changing Diagnosis (Spanish)


Be brave. Show your true colors. And when brave needs help, kids, parents, and health care professionals can turn to to learn more about common stress reactions by age group. Learn how to help at the hospital, at home, and when a child needs additional help.