Navigating the teenage years proves difficult enough as a healthy teen. Challenges abound between expressing their unique personality, asserting their independence, choosing their future path, and simply growing into a young adult. Throw a chronic illness into the mix, and the life of a teen (and their family) becomes even more challenging. Their personality may be stifled by the effects of the disease or treatment. Asserting their independence becomes nearly impossibly as they are reliant on the help of the parents for medical care. For many, the future may be very uncertain.

Even within hospitals, teens struggle to find a place to fit in and many feel isolated. They're stuck between pediatric and adult care, unable to find a place in either. Creating hospital floors specifically for teens and young adults helps to alleviate this isolation felt by so many teens. On these floors, visiting hours are extended, the room decor can be changed, and access to social media sites are made available.

How does your hospital accommodate the special needs of teen patients?